The GooseGard from Bird Gard. $390 with 1 speaker ($450 with two speakers) The GooseGard uses actual alarm calls of Canada geese, vicious sounding dog pack, wildcat, and shotgun sounds

  • Different calls in random combinations. Calls differ in frequency, duration, sequences, and intervals. We recommend getting it with 2 speakers because the alert calls jump randomly from speaker to speaker creating the illusion several different "look outs" are giving danger calls.
  • Ideal for corporate landscapes, athletic fields, playgrounds, parks, agricultural crops, and golf courses. (Timer can control hours of operation).
  • PROGRAMMABLE - choose interval between calls.
  • COVERAGE: One unit: up to 3 acres.
    Sound Pressure 0 - 110 dB @ 1 meter (each speaker) Frequency 500 to 1,500 Hz
  • 30 day unconditional full money back guarantee.
  • INCLUDES: Control unit, two speakers with 100ft of cable, mounting hardware, complete instructions, AC power adaptor with cord
  • Shipping wt.: 14 lbs
  • Made in the USA

  To order call: (800) 555-9634 or (803) 939-9622   E-mail us at: for questions.

Tips for Controlling the Canada Goose.*

  1. Eliminate any feeding of the geese by the public.

  2. If possible, leave the lawn un mowed.

  3. Plant tall fescue instead of tender Kentucky bluegrass.

  4. Plant unpalatable ground covers such as pachysandra, English Ivy, myrtle, and hosta.

  5. Place large stones, tall grass, or a short fence around the edge of a pond to keep the geese from stepping up.

  6. Provide more bushes and hedges to reduce the goose's ability to detect predators. Hedges will also discourage geese from   walking between ponds and feeding areas.

  *Reprinted from "Canada Goose Management". Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rockland County. ©1995

  For more information on Canada geese control go : "Managing Urban Canada geese."


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